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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog, where I intend to share my fabulous catering life with all of you! You all know I am serrrriouly introverted so I’m not much of a talker, but I LOVE to hear your stories! Hearing your ‘how we met’ stories and your plans for your wedding is exactly why I do this! I just love cooking for new friends on the BEST day of their lives and being a little part of that moment! Which brings me to my story for today – John and Deloris.

This is not a wedding, this is even BETTER! It is a 50th Anniversary Party at Deloris’s childhood home – which just happens to be one of my favorite venues – The Butler Barn!

The Butler Barn was actually named after Deloris’s family! So you know how I love a good story... I got to talking with Deloris about things named after her family, and it turns out she had another uncle by the name Hite. The Hite family, Deloris told me, owned a large bit of property on Fanno Creek in what is now Beaverton. And it turns out, my daughter’s elementary school, Hiteon, was named after the Hite family! AND, my house is on their former property! She is checking if she has any photos of what was there before my house – so fun!!

So after all that small world talk, John and Deloris’s 50th Anniversary is obviously one of my favorites! Oh, and getting to use Hoffman Farms berries in my cheese display is great too!

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